Hamilton's choice for Landscape Material & Heavy Equipment since 1967

G Mason Construction prides itself on our long history of being a family-owned and operated business that is customer-focused — providing services including excavation, site preparation, and providing landscaping supplies to Southern Ontario.

We provide fully insured and bonded services from residential to industrial customers. We are confident that our highly trained and experienced team will be able to help you with the right project management and services for the landscape material or heavy equipment services required for your needs.

  • Paul Galloway, Limeridge Branch Manager
    Hamilton Builders' Supply has been dealing With Mason Construction for over 20 years for all their Soil needs.  Firstly because of the Great Soils. Secondly the Great Service. Third and fourth, on time Deliveries with Experienced Drivers. That's why We choose Mason Construction for our Soils needs at Hamilton Builders' Supply.
    Paul Galloway, Limeridge Branch Manager
    Hamilton Builders' Supply
  • Mary Hills
    G Mason Construction has excellent customer service and outstanding product. I recommend their quality company. 
    Mary Hills
  • Steve and Hope Taylor
    The service at G Mason construction is top notch!  We at Taylor Lawn Care have used them for years and will continue to do so.   Their Landscaping products are always great quality, and they work with you to get your order delivered to you on time and in the best way possible.   The staff (we deal with Steve a lot) are always helpful and give you any advice if you need it. 
    Steve and Hope Taylor
    Taylor Lawn Care